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Baldwin Living Northside
Baldwin Living Northside
Some new colour added to the gardens at Baldwin Living Northside, in anticipation for spring.
Baldwin Living Northside
Baldwin Living Northside
Terri (resident) dropped these lovely flowers off for the staff at Northside to say thank you for all we do for her.
So sweet.
Thank you Terri.
Baldwin Living Northside
Baldwin Living Northside
Our residents are slowly returning to the community centre and we are glad to see Dot, Jean and Marion playing Rummiking and Pat, Brian, Peter, Pam and Jean playing cards. These are just a couple of the daily activities held here at Northside.
Baldwin Living Northside
Baldwin Living Northside
🦠 Qld Coronavirus Update 30 June 🦠

Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! Here’s the latest information ⤵️

Most of the restrictions on the roadmap are being moved a week earlier to 3 July at 12pm.

🚨 Here’s the changes from THIS Friday at 12pm…

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Limits on private gatherings up from 20 to 100

👰🏼 Weddings also allow up to 100 people, parties and private gatherings

⚽️ Contact community sport (indoor and outdoor), will be back with an approved plan. There will be no limit on spectators outside with social distancing, but they still want you to keep distancing between family groups

🍻 You can order at the bar in pubs and clubs

🍽 Pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes will have no maximum of people provided they have 4 square metre of floor space per person

☕️ Smaller venues (those with under 200m square like small cafes, restaurants, RSLs, clubs etc) can have 1 person per 2 square metres up to a maximum of 50 for spaces between 100-200m square

🎭 Casinos, theatres, concert venues (50% and 1 per 4 square metre applies)

🏈 In stadiums up to 50% or 25,000 spectators, whichever is the lesser

💒 At churches, family groups will be encouraged to maintain 1.5m between other family groups

With all of these easing, social distancing is still required.

🚧 More on the Qld Border Reopening 🚧

From 3 July at noon, anyone who has travelled to Victoria (including Queenslanders) will be prevented from entering. If they do, they will have to quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks at their own expense (and the hotel will be set by Qld authorities, not at the travellers request).

As yet there is no info on exemptions for essential travel, but that often comes later with these announcements.

The clear message to Queenslanders is PLEASE DO NOT GO TO VICTORIA.

... Except the Suns this weekend who are going down to smash the Cats in Geelong (yes, they will have to quarantine for 2 weeks) ☀️

The clear message to Victorians is please do not come here.

✅ From 10 July at 12pm

Residents from states other than Victoria will be permitted to come if they fill out a border declaration (not available at present). If you falsify the document you will face strict penalties and fines up to $4,000.

BUT if the Chief Health Officer reviews any state or territory and they have outbreaks of community transmission like Victoria they may take further action. There’s no guarantee the border will always be open, it will be dependent on whether or not outbreaks occur in other states.

So overall - good news.

The recent spike in Victorian cases has worried a lot of people but it’s important to remember outbreaks like this are expected and we do have the capacity to deal with them.
I think it’s the right decision to open the state border this month and that’s what I’ve been calling for it along with my LNP colleagues.

Over the last few months we’ve made sure we have the right systems and equipment in place to deal with outbreaks. The huge response in Victoria has shown that.

As long as the international border remains closed we need tourists to visit our state. The Gold Coast relies on them and hopefully they will come and enjoy everything we have to offer.

Thank you Sam O'Connor MP for summary.
Baldwin Living Northside
Baldwin Living Northside
We are slowly returning to some sort of normalcy here at Northside and what better way to get things moving than a Andre Rieu concert on the big screen in our community centre. This is the first concert since the Covid isolation started in March. Our residents loved every minute of it whilst still practising social distancing. Pictured are our residents - Ria, Noeline, Jean, Dot, Dawn, Marion and Jan. See you all soon for the next concert.
Baldwin Living Northside
Baldwin Living Northside
Maureen (red and white shirt) only moved in 12 months ago and has found the socialising a great benefit of living at Baldwin Living Northside. Residents joined her at the Bracken Ridge tavern for a birthday celebration. Pictured are Pat, Jan, Ria, Pam, Jean, Jullie, Jude and Pam.